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Maro Magoula

Teaching: Cultural Mystery Games

Maro is co-founder and Partnerships Director of Peripatos. Meanwhile, she has been working as a Business Consultant for Museums, Libraries, Archives Solutions at Uni Systems ICT company since 2015, contributing to the digital transformation of cultural institutions and to the development of new products and services. Through both her positions, she has engaged in various projects in Greece and Turkey.

She has experience in the design and implementation of projects in the cultural sector, in conducting historic and ethnographic research, in content development, and in the creation of cultural, educational and interactive programs. Maro loves discovering and sharing stories of different cultures and communities. She speaks very good English and Turkish.

She is a graduate of the Department of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies (University of Athens) with a Master’s degree in MA in Heritage Management (University of Kent /AUEB).

She is also a member and supporter of the Association of Cultural Heritage Consultants in Greece (ESDIAPOK) and regional coordinator of the Bosch Alumni Network.