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criti.co is an innovative online learning platform and network delivering interactive courses on social and sustainable development. 

We host, produce and promote courses that were created by individuals and small organizations with the support of our team. 

The courses cover a broad and open spectrum of areas,  approach the concept of sustainability from different perspectives.


A truly holistic framework of sustainability

Our aim is to follow a truly holistic framework of sustainability based on a framing that gives prominence to a more organic, decentralized engagement of conscientious subjects in the creation of just, regenerative eco-social relations. It highlights the ideological and material links between society, culture, and ecology by devoting particular attention to how knowledge and discourse around and across those realms are generated and articulated. We understand that the issue of environmental quality is inevitably linked to that of human equity. 


How does this translate into practice?

We pursue a just sustainability through inclusive approaches towards employees, partners, collaborators and students. Our courses are affordable, accessible and threat thematics such as human rights, inclusivity and democratic participation. 

We advocate for environmental sustainability by taking responsible choices at our workplace, by producing the courses remotely or in different locations, without the need for the content makers to travel from their place, by providing our students with courses about ecological and local solutions.     

We promote cultural sustainability by employing a multicultural team, by engaging with individuals and entities from all over the world, by endorsing cultural identities, heritages and vernacular technologies in our courses.