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Pietro Degli Esposti

Teaching: Building with Raw Earth

Pietro Degli Esposti, founder of the architecture, construction and consulting atelier ‘Matierra’ completed his Master of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of Delft in The Netherlands. His graduation project 'The Inclusive Pattern, Tracing the city fabric of Addis Ababa' aims to combine vernacular architecture, the local culture and the use of natural materials such as raw earth and bamboo to improve the living conditions of an informal settlement in the historical centre of the capital of Ethiopia. 

In 2017, Pietro worked at SeARCH architecture and planning in Amsterdam where he was involved in the design phase of urban planning and public building projects. 

From January 2018 until December 2019, Pietro was part of the team of LEVS architecten where he took part in a wide range of architectural and urban planning projects and activities focussed on African contexts and raw earth constructions. 

Besides working on construction projects, Pietro worked on several publications and construction manuals on compressed earth blocks. 

Pietro regularly organises and joins practical workshops on earth construction in The Netherlands and Belgium and gave lectures and tutoring at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, TU Delft University and at the Academy of Architecture of Amsterdam and at the Jan des Bouvrie Academy in Deventer.