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Ana Baptista & Hugo Dourado

Teaching: Vernacular Architecture

Ana Baptista & Hugo Dourado are both longtime architects and founders of Colectivo MEL, which spells out their vision.

MEL aims to be collective, to integrate the largest number of trades and knowledge, to be open to anyone who wants to contribute to the improvement of the world in which we live.

It intends to analyze the environment and find solutions, to work in a conscious and responsible manner, respectful of the environment and people. It aims to be a catalyst for real and reciprocal work between technicians and users, to work together, to motivate debates, to dismantle the pre-conceived, to motivate criticism. We intend to provide technical support to those who need it, to motivate the appropriation of the city by citizens, of houses by its residents, to motivate individual and community action. We intend to be everything we know how to be, assuming that work should mean pleasure and a creative act.