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Ginevra Agosti

Teaching: Organic Materials in Architecture: Inside Mycelium

Ginevra Agosti is a young woman with a background linked to the theme of living in the public space of the city paying particular attention to sustainability practices.

For this reason that in 2015, together with 5 girls, she founded the association called "pezze di terra" (patches of land): a word that fits into the urban fabric, infested with concrete, with courage and kindness.

In 2012 he collaborated on the "Tempo Riuso"(temporary reuse) project at MultiplicityLab in Milan, with the aim of starting projects that use the existing building stock and empty, abandoned or underused public or private property spaces to reactivate them and return them to the community.

Increasingly attentive to the theme of urban sociology and environmental sustainability, she graduated with the thesis: "Urban Cycling - Copenhagen, the city of cyclists" at the Politecnico di Milano.

After some formal and conventional work experiences she realized that to discover new and different realities from those she was used to, she will have to leave her country. This is how she arrived in Portugal, where she rediscovered the beauty of the Portuguese language, learned thanks to an intercultural exchange that took place in Brazil when she was in high school.

Ginevra joined Critical Concrete’s Team in January 2019 and she was impressed by the research work on the alternative and sustainable method for making insulation panels made with cardboard and mycelium. From that moment she began to be interested in the use of sustainable and organic materials as an ecological alternative to applying in the field of architecture and construction. Today she is part of the permanent team of Critical Concrete and in addition to the research part, she deals with the administrative, logistics and coordination of Erasmus+ projects.